Our company started when Richard Sampedro, founder and visionary, had the idea to bring his own appreciation for style and design to the United States.

His idea became a reality when in 2001, Sampedro opened his first store, Valencia Clay Tiles in Miami Lakes, Florida. Valencia Clay Tiles solely distributed clay products, such as terracotta and ceramic tiles and fiberglass panels. A year later, Valencia Clay Tiles added a wider variety of surfaces, including porcelain products from Italy, Spain and Japan, glass, mosaics, and more. It was then when the company’s name changed to Valencia Coverings. Since then, Valencia Coverings has been recognized by designers, architects and other professionals in the field primarily due to our fabulous design studio and the incredible, unique selection of floors and wall coverings that we offer.


At Valencia Coverings, our expert staff, who has over 25 years of experience in interior design combined, is always ready to provide consulting services anytime. Homeowners, interior designers, architects, builders, and others have found expert advice and the individual attention they require to develop their construction and renovation projects with ease at Valencia Coverings.


We provide our customers with the most exclusive selection of materials that go hand-in-hand with our modern design concepts. Our direct relationship with manufacturers also allows us to import the latest high-quality products directly to our valued customers, all at competitive prices.

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